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He Stops Calling - How to Get Him to Call You Again!

Isn't it frustrating when you think things are going well with a guy, but he stops calling all of a sudden? Even more frustrating is when he stops calling for what seems like no good reason.
If you can relate to this, you've probably spent a good deal of your time wondering what you did wrong for him to stop calling you.
Analyzing what you think happened that caused him to stop calling won't get him to call you any faster, if at all.
The fact that he is NOT calling is of significance, not so much the WHY.
You wonder what he's thinking to get him to act this way.
You think about contacting him to ask him what's going on, but you feel it wouldn't help any.
When a man stops calling, trying to get closer to him by getting him to communicate his thoughts and feelings to you only gets him to back away further.
You think you're simply showing him that you care, but this doesn't work for him.
If you have the expectation that a man should call you, rather than leaving it up to him, you will come across as over-eager.
Your mind-set has to be more relaxed, so that you approach the situation in a casual manner.
Being upset when you don't hear from him, shows him that you have way more placed on the situation than you should.
You can take responsibility for getting the response you want in a man.
It's not necessary for you to call him, or be upset when he finally calls you.
If anything, it just gets him to give up on the situation when he sense your disappointment in him, and you haven't even been dating all that long.
Don't sit around being frustrated that he hasn't met your expectations.
Instead, think about how you can best communicate with a man that creates attraction inside of him.
Demanding a man to meet your expectations early on is a losing approach to getting what you want.
A man won't want to give you what you want, not because you are asking for too much, but it's in the WAY you ask.
When a man senses your frustration and disappointment in him, he just won't FEEL like spending time with you.
Hence, he stops calling.
Rather than dreaming up all kinds of scenarios as to why he stops calling you and what it means, look at his actions as the indication of how he really feels.
So if he stops calling, it could be that he's not interested in a relationship with you, or he's just not feeling strongly enough for you YET.
To get him interested in you enough to keep calling you, stop doing things that will kill his attraction.
Things like calling him too much, or getting emotional when you don't hear from him, especially when there's no relationship yet will have him think that you would be a pain to be around more.

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