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Kids Educational Activities Plus Fun Equals Highly Intelligent Children

Are your kids bored and in need of something to interest them, particularly during the long school holidays? Sure you could send them off to their room to play, but better still, why not show them how they can have great fun, while being stimulated and educated at the same time? Kids educational activities do not have to be boring. What you need is something that's fun but educational too as this has been proved to give rise to highly intelligent kids.

You may think it's hard to think of kids educational activities, but it's just a matter of finding
fun things for kids to do, that will teach them new skills at the same time.

Here are a couple of ideas to begin with.

Kids really enjoy creating things in the run up to Christmas time. They can make things to sell, to earn that all-important cash to buy Christmas gifts. There are many kids educational activities that are great fun and also teach entrepreneurial skills at the same time. However, they may just wish to make their own individualized gifts for loved ones.

One of the old favourites would be the calendar. This can be made quite easily by even the youngest of kids.

You need an A4 piece of card, a calendar pad approx. 74mm x 46mm, sticky tape, crayons, pens, etc. The only other ingredient is some imagination. Kids can draw anything they wish on the card; after all it is their creation. Encourage them to think about the person that the gift is being made for; could they draw that person, their house, their pet, etc?

Once the picture is complete, simply attach the calendar pad to the bottom of their creation with sticky tape. There you have it; an individualized gift that can be used for the year, then put into a frame and hung on the wall for evermore. Whilst kids educational activities such as this are simple, just watch the pride on a child's face when they see what they have created.

Here's one more idea.
Why not get them to make their own jigsaw puzzle? All you need are some sheets of blank card, paints, colouring pens and some scissors. Let the children draw or paint anything they choose onto the card.

When they've finished, you can cut the card into shapes, large pieces for younger children, smaller pieces for older children. Now the pieces can be jumbled up and they can try to complete the original picture correctly.

For an extra twist, add numbers to the back of the jigsaw pieces in the order which it should be joined together. The pieces can be jumbled up again, turned over, and the children can join the pieces in numerical sequence. Now a fun game has become a learning game, and without them even knowing it, they have improved their numeracy skills.

The two ideas above are quite simple, but they underline how easy it can be to combine kids educational activities with fun.

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