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What Are Some Fire Safety Rules?

    Smoke Detectors

    • Installing smoke detectors is critical to keeping your family safe. Some fires can break out because of storms or electrical issues during the night, so it's important to install an advanced warning system in your house. Make sure that you place a detector on each level of the house, and preferably in each bedroom.

    Sprinkler Systems

    • Sprinkler systems are an often-overlooked component of fire safety. Installation is inexpensive, and sprinklers can be triggered by a smoke alarm. A sprinkler system is your first line of defense, containing a fire while you and your family call for help and exit the house.

    Escape Routes

    • Discuss escape routes with your family. These are the quickest routes out of the house for each person. Consider installing rope ladders for upstairs rooms, in case the downstairs is blocked.

    Fireplace and Stove Safety

    • Bringing fire into your home requires safety measures as well. Make sure to clean your fireplace and stoves once a month. This will insure that there aren't any blockages or excess material that can catch fire.

    Quick Tips

    • Discard all electronics with damaged or bare wires. Make sure that all of your electronics are connected to a surge protector. Also, don't leave candles burning when you're not at home or are asleep.

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