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Words of Congratulations for a Wedding

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Create a Sincere Message

When you receive a wedding invitation card, you are sure to start preparations with a happy heart. However, you would like to send best wishes to newlyweds. But there might happen that you could not attend the party as a guest. For example, you might have got an emergency situation or it's beyond your cost to pay for travelling expenses. Whatever the reasons for not attending, you ought to send a sincere message inside the envelope to the bride and groom to express your best wishes.When you create the message, bear in mind the following suggestions:

* It's a good idea to open or end the letter with a love poem or marriage quotation.

* Suitable humor will be a good way to express your congratulations to the newlyweds if you keep a good relationship.

* Say something about your own experiences on love and marriage and how it applies to them.

* Speak about expectations and wishes for the bride and groom.

* Apologize sincerely for being unable to attend the ceremony.

* Ask for getting together to view the photos album when them come back from trip.

* Don't forget the time when you're mailing the letter. If you do it before the ceremony, you may be volunteer to assist with preparations before wedding. If you are sending the letter after the ceremony, you are supposed to write a brief message about how people loved the bride's wedding dress, wedding bouquet, cakes and any other interesting things about the wedding ceremony.

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