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How to Adjust the Belt on a Troy-Bilt Rototiller

    • 1). Roll the tiller onto a flat surface.

    • 2). Set the wheels/tines/PTO drive lever to the neutral position.

    • 3). Insert the belt adjustment tool that came with your rototiller in the hole in the side of the adjustment block. Rotate the tool inside the hole until the slotted end of the tool is facing down.

    • 4). Push the drive lever to the "forward" position. The clutch control yoke should move so that it is on top of the belt adjustment tool.

    • 5). Hold the drive lever in the "forward" position with one hand. Turn the bolt at the back of the adjustment block with a 9/16-inch wrench to loosen, not remove the bolt.

    • 6). Push the drive lever down to tighten the belt or up to loosen the belt. Tighten the bolt once the correct tension is achieved, and remove the adjustment tool.

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