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Buy Refrigerator for a Long-Lasting and Organized Storage

A refrigerator is one of the most useful and commonly used kitchen appliance. It comes in various styles and configurations to meet the needs of different households. With continuous innovations and launch of new models by all major brands in this segment, it becomes confusing to select the one that meets your lifestyle and usage habits. Here are a few guidelines to make an informed buying decision:

Size: A general rule of thumb is to choose a size depending upon the size of the family using it. However, with changing lifestyles, even a small size family may require a giant size refrigerator if they buy all their groceries at once and need to store them to use over a period of time. Measure the width and height of the refrigerator and assess the available space in your apartment before bringing it home. Do not forget to measure the height and width of the entrance of your house or kitchen doorways for the ease of installation.

Style: Styles like single door, double door, side-by-side door opening or French door opening have different utilities and constraints associated with them. Traditional models have a top freezer and a bottom fridge configuration. You must analyse your own usage habits. If you do not use a lot of preserved items or do not buy frozen items that need to be stored in the freezer, opt for a top fridge and bottom freezer refrigerator for convenience. Apart from correlating the size and storage, also consider the available shelf space in the fridge and on the inside of the door. Many models come with carefully designed pockets on the inside of the door to store items like eggs, butter, cheese or bottles of different size. Adjustable shelves are helpful in times when you need to keep large containers of food in the fridge. Separate, spacious pull out drawers are ideal for storing fruits and vegetables. Choose a colour like black, white or finish like stainless steel for a good-looking kitchen.

Features: Different features like ice or water dispensing, deodorizers, moisture control, adjustable temperatures for different shelves, LED display, frost free cooling technology and such come with different models. Understanding all the features offered and mapping them to your usage pattern will help you in eliminating the ones which are not mandatory and hence cut down on that extra cost.

Energy Efficiency: Always buy refrigerators that can withstand voltage fluctuations and provide efficient cooling. Refrigerators usually come with one to five star rating which indicates their efficiency in terms of the power they consume.

Brands: Choose from trusted and renowned brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Videocon, Kelvinator, Haier, Godrej, Electrolux and many more that have better features to offer in every new model they launch.

You can buy refrigerators online from various online shopping websites. Make payments online via debit cards, credit cards or net banking over the secure payment gateways and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home. You can also choose to pay by cash when your fridge is delivered to your doorstep by opting for the Cash On Delivery mode of payment.

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