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Four Stroke Outboard Vs Two Stroke Outboard

Outboard engines come in into two main categories: two stroke and four stroke.
Both types both have their advantages and disadvantages and the type you pick will depend on the intended use.
This guide will help you choose which outboard engine is suitable for your type of watercraft.
Two Stroke Outboard.
Two stroke outboards are lighter and faster so if speed and acceleration are a requirement this should be your engine of choice.
Two strokes are also generally cheaper and keep their price better when it comes to reselling.
As two stroke engines have been around for over 80 years parts are readily available making repairs easier.
Also the construction of this engine is less complex than a two stroke meaning problems are more unlikely to occur.
Four Stroke Outboard.
Four stroke engines are generally less noisy, smoother and more cost-effective.
Weightier with less acceleration they are normally chosen for calmer waters.
With less pollution and smoke they are also better for the environment.
Assuming you're after a quieter more comfortable trip, the four stroke outboard is the choice for you.
Four stroke outboard motors are generally heavier than two stroke outboard motors so if you are the owner of an undersized boat it may not be able to hold the heavier weight from some four stroke engines.
Some four stroke engine manufacturers include Yamaha, Mercury, Nissan, Honda and Johnson.
The terms two stroke and four stroke refer to the number of occasions the piston moves during one firing cycle of an engine.
Some of the most reliable outboard engines are made by Tohatsu a Japanese company founded in 1922 and renowned for the quality and precision engineering of its products.
They first started making outboard engines in 1956 with a 1.
5hp model.
Today they are the worlds second largest producer of outboard engines and have reliably served various market places such as commercial fishing, military, marine transport, surf life saving, recreation and competition racing.
Their innovative designs have made them one of the most sought after engines in the world.
Some of their latest ranges include the environmentally friendly T.
I series of Two-stroke Low pressure Direct Injection, D.
I, outboard engines that meet current EPA regulations for the U.
A little known fact is that all Mercury outboard motors in the U.
S under 30 horse power are rebadged as Tohatsu.
For more advise about outboard motors contact your local dealer or follow the link below.

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