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5 Tools to Create Traffic For a Website

If you have any experience at all in Internet marketing, you already know full well that just building a site and "they will come" is just not true.
Meaning: merely having valuable content, a great-looking site and interesting products and services is unfortunately far from being enough to make your site successful.
With billions of web pages out there competing with the pages on your own site for the same limited number of visitors, it just stands to reason that you are going to have to work to compete for that traffic in the online world.
Here are 5 tools to create traffic for a website that you should be using: 1.
Keyword research tool:
The content that you create, both for your own website and for the back-linked content that resides off-site somewhere else (in articles, blogs, lenses and other websites), is going to need to be optimized for specific keywords.
By properly optimizing your content for these target keywords, you have a much better chance of getting visits from people who are specifically searching for the content you offer.
But, how can you determine which keywords to target? Use a good keyword research tool.
These tools will tell you not only how many people on average are searching for a given keyword each day, but also how many other websites are competing for the same keyword.
Article distribution tool:
One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is via backlinks from original content that you create that matches that of the topic or theme of your website.
Articles, blogs and other content vehicles are a great way to accomplish getting more traffic to your site.
If you are writing articles and blog entries, you will want to get as many copies of each one out onto the Internet.
Using an article distribution tool, you can save yourself the trouble of manually submitting that content to multiple sites, one after the other.
Instead, just submit your content once via the tool and it will be automatically distributed to hundreds of other sites.
Video distribution tool:
Video continues to be one of the smartest, most cutting-edge ways to spread the word about your website.
And, in terms of video hosting sites there is more than just YouTube out there! You can use a video distribution tool to distribute your video content to multiple top video sites at once for maximum exposure.
Website analysis tool:
In terms of your own website, you are going to want to see how it stacks up against the sites of your competitors.
A website analysis tool will help you do just that.
With such a tool, you can verify important information such as: which keywords show up with the highest frequency on the site, how many words are on a given page, and what type of meta tags are on each page.
Based upon this information, you can make more informed optimization decisions.
Backlink checker tool:
Backlinks are one of the cornerstones of strong web rankings.
Use a backlink checker to count how many links are leading back to your site (or to the sites of your competitors) from other sites.
The more backlinks a site has, the better the chances that site will have for getting strong search engine site rankings for relevant keywords.
Look into these 5 important tools to create traffic for your website.

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