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How Do You Make a Man Fall in Love With You? Surprising Tips You Need to Know!

How do you make a man fall in love with you? That's the number one question that dating women wish they knew the answer to.
It's a tricky thing.
You hear advice from some friends that suggests you should play hard to get to win his heart.
Other friends may scoff at that and instead tell you that you need to pursue him until you win him over.
So which way is the right way? You may be surprised to know that getting a man to love you is not as hard as you think.
Here are a few tips to help when you're trying to get a man to fall in love with you: Always be yourself.
Many women mistakenly believe that they need to present themselves in a very specific way in order to get a man to want them.
Typically they hide who they really are behind a veil of dishonesty.
They may pretend to have a better job than they do, be more educated than they are or mask their intelligence because they fear it will scare him away.
You have to be yourself if you want him to love you.
Never compromise the woman you are to grab a man's attention.
He'll know what you're up to and it will turn him off.
Show him your sense of humor.
Women underestimate the appeal of a sense of humor.
Men love this and they long for it in a partner.
Who doesn't want to be with someone who can make them laugh until their belly hurts? Show him your natural ability to be funny but don't do it at the expense of anyone else.
He doesn't want to see you badmouthing anyone else, regardless of how big of a laugh you think it will bring.
Be spontaneous and fun.
If you typically want to spend your evenings with him going out to dinner or catching the newest release in the theater, that's going to get old very fast.
Men want to be with someone who is spontaneous and fun.
He wants you to be the one to suggest a new and unexpected adventure sometimes.
If he starts to see you as someone who has a predictable routine or someone who doesn't like anything out of the ordinary, he'll move on to someone new very quickly.
You can get a man to love you if you present yourself just as you are.
Show him that you're not one to shy away from a good laugh and that you can't wait for the next adventure that awaits the two of you.
He'll find himself utterly charmed by you.

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