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Fashion Reincarnation

As the years go by woman's fashion trends change but many styles re-appear time and time again. Styles which we may deem unfashionable today, may be hot property in ten years time. Here we take a look at fashion throughout the years, and the reincarnation of various styles and women's fashion trends.


The 1960's were famous for vintage clothing designs and flower power. Hippy chic was very much the fashion during this period, with flared jeans and sandals being the style of choice for many. The mini skirt was firmly introduced around this time and continued to make an impression throughout the 1970's. Kaftans also became hugely popular during this time period, as did floral dresses and print designed styles. Women of the 1960's were rarely seen out without their massive stiletto heels, heavy make up and beaded jewellery.


Many of the looks from the 1970's were devised from styles from the 1920's through to the 1950's. Flared trousers and mini skirts continued to be fashionable during this era, with hot pants and shorts also becoming key items for the wardrobe. Punk fashion came into play during the 1970's, and platforms stayed as the shoe of choice for most women.


The 1980's was the decade of probably the most varied and unusual trends the fashion world had ever seen. Madonna was a key influence on ladies trends during this era, making washed out jeans and lace look attractive. Leggings became favourable during this decade, as did shell suits (which luckily never made an appearance again!) The punk style from the 1970's also continued during the 1980's.


Platform heels from the 1970's, made a return during the 1990's, and some trends from the 20's and 60's also made a reappearance. The mini skirt again became fashionable at this time, as did the grunge look. During the 1990's everyone wore jeans, and most have continued to do so up until the present day. Jeans worn with t-shirts or sweatshirts was a staple outfit for many people during this time period.

The Naughties!

The year 2000 and onwards has seen a lot of style reinventions from previous decades, particularly the 1980's. Puffball skirts, and lace have all became popular again, as have bright colours and varieties of fabrics. Who would have guessed leggings would make the come-back they did during this period, or that the vintage look from the 1960's would come back to inspire us all again. The ever evolving mini skirt has also been highly fashionable during the 'naughties.'

It just goes to show that even though we are constantly seeing new styles and inspirational designs evolving, some trends just carry on throughout the years and never go completely out of fashion. I better hang on to my mum's 60's flares then... (just in case)

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