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Power Words That Increase Sales

Making a purchase is an emotional activity. When browsing among a number of sale items, most people will most often choose the product that makes them feel the best. How you feel about something is an emotional response. Some words or phrases cater to these emotional needs more than others. Sitting on that sofa is so comfortable and cozy. The car you are considering will impress the neighbors. That item for the home looks just perfect with your surroundings. People buy things to satisfy their emotional needs and make them feel good.

By using emotional power words in your titles, ads, emails, and sales pages you will entice more people to buy your product. As proof of this, from which ad below would you prefer to make a purchase?

Ad 1) Sale, sale, sale! Free bonus – today only! Buy 1 tube of XYZ Skin Cream, get 1 FREE! Rub it in and you can feel it releasing all the tension in your body. Makes you feel so relaxed, you'll think you just had a massage! Fast delivery, Free shipping! Your complete Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back – no questions asked!

Ad 2) Two tubes XYZ Skin Cream – no charge to ship.

Both of these ads are selling the same thing. But, if you are like most people, you would prefer to buy from ad number 1. In that ad, all of the key words from the list below are used. Try using some of these words in your ads, sales pages, and emails and watch your sales increase!

1. Use the word "fast". People like immediate gratification and want fast results, fast delivery, fast ordering, etc. We value our time more than our money.

2. Use the word "discount/sale " in your ad. People like bargains and are more inclined to buy something on sale. Using a time limit on your sale (today only) makes people more inclined to buy it now.

3. Use the word "you/your" in your ad. Design your ad in a normal conversational tone. People will subconsciously believe that you are talking directly to them. It makes them feel important and more inclined to buy.

Please excuse me now; I have to finish up here. You see, I saw an ad for this new XYZ Skin Cream that I've just GOT to order…

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