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Motorcycle Tax Disc HoldersAn Easy Way To Accessorize Your Motorbike

As motorcyclists we pay less road tax than our fellow car drivers, which is a good thing. However, it is still a legal requirement in the UK to display the road tax licence on a motorbike, scooter or moped if you intend to use your vehicle on a public highway. Most new motorcycles, scooters and mopeds come with a very basic tax disc holder. These are often flimsy and do not adequately protect the tax disc from being tampered with and they wont keep out the rain and spray. There are many aftermarket available which have added features to enhance the look and security of the humble tax disc. This article summarises the main types and gives a brief description of their benefits

Firstly, dont need to be costly. If you are looking for a new tax disc holder prices start from less than 5.00 have universal fitting and will mount fairly easily. If you are restoring a classic motorcycle then you should be able to find one to match the style and age of the bike your working on

In terms of fitting its usually straight forward if there is an obvious fixing point. Normally this would be on a point below the near-side forks or a frame fixing point. It is expected that the tax disc should be mounted on the near side (left side of the bike). Simply undo the bolt, feed on the tax disc holder and refix the bolt again to the specified torque setting. Jobs done in a couple of minutes.

For a few pounds more, are available that are tamper proof with multiple screw heads around the disc rim. These have a rubber o-ring which allow a waterproof seal. They have the added benefit of coming in different finishes to compliment your bike or they can be finished in carbon-fibre effect.

A recent design that is proving more and more popular is the cylindrical motorcycle tax disc holder. These are fully rotatable when fixed to the motorcycle and because of their shape allow a bit more flexibility when it comes to mounting over the regular shaped tax disc holder. They tend to be a bit more money, but they are tamper and waterproof. With the added benefit of different colours and finishes they will certainly add to the overall appearance of your bike. They certainly look good on a sports bike where mounting space is at a premium

The " has certainly improved in terms of its durability and overall look. With the increase in tax disc theft there is peace of mind in having a disc holder that is tamper proof. As none of the tax disc holders described here are expensive then they make ideal gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts. They are also removable. If you change your bike you can keep your good tax disc holder and swap a more basic one back to the bike you are selling.

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