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How to Do Swedish Weaving

    • 1). Measure your base fabric from one end to the other, multiply this measurement by the number specified in your pattern and add 8 inches. This will determine how long you need to make your yarn.

    • 2). Fold your cloth in half to find its center and place a safety pin in the center vertical float (raised threads traveling vertically across the cloth). Begin working the pattern from this center point.

    • 3). Thread the tapestry needle with your length of yarn and run under all the threads of the marked vertical float. Pull the yarn until an even length rests on either side of the float.

    • 4). Work the Swedish weaving pattern from the center toward one edge. Follow your pattern to determine where to anchor your thread. Always weave under a vertical float. If you fold your fabric close to the row you're stitching, you can run your needle and yarn under the floats with more ease.

    • 5). Push the needle through to the back of the cloth once you've reached the end of the row. Secure the yarn end in place with a little glue.

    • 6). Turn your cloth upside down and thread the tapestry needle onto the loose yarn end. Work in your pattern from the center to the edge and finish as described above.

    • 7). Begin the next row in your pattern, working in the same manner as described above.

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