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Avocado - Ooh, What a Lovely Pear!

Many people avoid avocados thinking them to be fattening, but the truth is they are packed with Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which burn fat so actually they make you thin!So now you are over that little misconception, let me tell you the rest of the avocado story...
Avocados contain over 12 minerals.
These minerals stimulate growth and keep other body functions in check.
If you are tired all the time and struggle to deal with stressful situations, you may be suffering from nutritional anaemia, in which case the excellent copper and iron content in one of these little green wonders will aid red blood cell regeneration and help prevent the anaemia.
They contain oleic acid which is great for your heart and can help lower cholesterol levels.
They are rich in Vitamin E - vital for healthy skin and offer an excellent source of protein.
The high magnesium content helps fight against osteoporosis.
They have more potassium than a banana, but even though an avocado is technically a fruit, it contains only 2% sugar so are alkalizing in your body and so much better for you if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake to control candida.
And research carried out by the University of Ohio shows that avos significantly increase the absorption of phytochemicals contained in other fruits and vegetables.
So to summarise: EAT THEM! THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY GOOD FOR YOU! And just in case your excuse is that they are difficult to handle and prepare, here's a top tip when using avocado in a salad or dip or to add to a chilled soup: With a small knife, make a cut down one side lengthways, carefully feeling around the stone.
Continue all the way round 'til you have effectively sliced it in 2 were it not for the stone.
Hold it with 2 hands and twist.
One half will come away and the other will hang on to the stone.
Stab the stone to prise it out.
With the peel still on each half, take each one and again with a small knife, from the inside, cut lines lengthways without cutting the skin.
Do the same thing width ways so you have a grid of lines creating little cubes inside the intact skin.
Now holding a half in the palm of your hand, simply squeeze gently and all the cubes will pop out and straight onto your salad - easy!

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