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I"m Trying to Get Back With My Ex - How to Get My Ex Back

How to get my ex back after a break up? Is it even possible to get my ex back or should I just give up and move on with my life hoping to find someone else who will love me again? These are the questions I used to ask myself when I as trying to get back with my ex.
Well, getting back with an ex has to be possible because I had seen so many couples who got back together after breaking up for months or even years.
They loved each other and the break up only made them realize how much they need to be with each other.
Breaking up turned out to be a blessing in disguise for them.
They were lucky! As a matter of fact, I was also lucky to get the right advice for trying to get back with my ex.
At first, I was acting desperate to get my ex back and I would send a flood of text messages to my ex asking for forgiveness, even though I could not think of what I did wrong.
Luckily, I got to know I was doing it all wrong.
By acting desperate and depressed, I was only pushing my ex away from me, because he was not going to fall in love with me out of pity.
So, i stopped begging and pleading and started behaving like I had moved on with my life.
But inside my heart, I had this burning desire to get my ex back and I did not show it.
I used the principles of human psychology such as curiosity and self interest to my advantage to get him attracted to me again.
A few weeks later, we started going out together and love happened again between us.

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