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Knee Surgery Prognosis


    • The knee is a major weight-bearing joint with a crucial responsibility in everyday stability and mobility. The relative success of a surgical repair can have a serious long-term impact on an individual's health and lifestyle.

    Types of Surgery

    • Knee surgery may be performed as a traditional open surgery or as a minimally invasive modern procedure called arthroscopy. In cases of severe injury or degeneration, total knee replacement may be necessary.

    Recovery Times

    • Full recovery from minor arthroscopic knee surgery can take roughly six to eight weeks. Recovery from extensive reconstruction or replacement can take a year or longer.

    Physical Therapy

    • Physical therapy is an essential component of a patient's recovery and long-term prognosis. Therapy may involve weight-bearing exercises to restore strength or exercises designed to relieve stiffness and maintain proper range of motion.


    • In cases of severe injury or degenerative conditions, full recovery after surgery may not be possible. Permanent modification of normal activities may be required in these situations.

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