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John Kerry, the New Snow Shoveler

I don't usually laugh at anyone's misfortune; in fact, I'm usually compassionate to a fault.
But today's news had me laughing and started my day with a huge smile on my face and I will probably be chuckling all day, just thinking about it.
It seems no one is immune to Boston's Mayor Martin Walsh's edict that anyone who leaves snow on their sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses will be fined $50 and Secretary of State, John Kerry, was no exception.
The fact that Kerry was in Saudi Arabia attending the funeral of King Abdullah with President Obama when a blizzard dumped two feet of snow in his city, didn't stop officials from tagging him with a $50 fine at 9:45 a.
for failing to clear the snow from the side of his Beacon Hill mansion.
Perhaps if Kerry was impoverished and wasn't such a high profile diplomat with former titles of Senator and candidate for President of the United States, he might have gotten off with a doctor's note, telling how sick he was and confined to bed.
But, a few things worked against him.
First of all, he was too well known.
Second of all, he lives in a pricey Beacon Hill mansion, and third of all, how could he have gotten a doctor's note saying he was so ill that he was confined to bed during the snowstorm, when there were pictures of him standing in the blazing Saudi Arabia sun on that day? One would think that if Kerry could afford to live in a mansion, especially a Beacon Hill mansion, he would have made ongoing arrangements with various companies like a lawn service company and a snow removal company to take care of his property in all kinds of weather.
For certain extortionate fees, his grounds would be looked after all year-long, whether he was in residence or not.
How can you live in a mansion, with umpteen employees in residence, and not have someone notice that your property was blanketed in snow and needed to be removed before someone slipped and broke his neck? Even if you didn't have the foresight to make those arrangements which, I find too incredible to believe, surely there was someone living in residence who looked out of the window and brought it to the attention of someone in authority to make snow removal arrangements.
Of course, the shovelers finished clearing the sidewalk late Thursday morning, but if this is the way our country is being run, with us just clearing up messes as we go along, instead of anticipating them in advance, no wonder our country is in such a mess.

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