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Tips On Selling Your Apartment

Selling your apartment is different than selling a home, as you are most probably marketing your unit to a younger market that values convenience and low cost.
Plus, apartment complex or condo units may have additional amenities that house and lot units may not have such as gym, swimming pool, etc...
Prepare your apartment for viewing by hiring a cleaning service to spruce up your unit and if your budget permits.
If it is not in your budget, simple steps such as organizing and keeping "stuff" around the house to a minimum can make your house much more attractive to future tenants.
Remember to stage your apartment to make it appear spacious to potential buyers.
A clean and spacious apartment will be appealing to prospective buyers.
Most buyers are very particular to the bathroom and kitchen, so it is ideal to have these rooms checked for any damages and repairs needed.
Call in a home inspector and electrician to test electric lines to ensure that all bases are covered.
It is better to safe now than lose future buyers from faulty lines or nonfunctioning utilities.
Identify all possible selling points for your apartment.
Determine the location of your unit and its accessibility to public transports and working areas.
The closer you are to these two locations, the higher the market value of your unit will be.
Ask around the neighborhood for other units for sale to determine the best price of your apartment.
To get accurate value, hire an appraiser.
Highlight these selling points using catchy phrases such as "XX Minutes to (This Place)" or "Spacious Units Near (This Place)" and print out flyers with your contact details.
Get permission to post them in areas with high people traffic such as in office buildings or transit stations.
With a more public and crowded an area, you will have a better chance at selling your apartment.
Inform relatives, friends, workmates and neighbors about your apartment.
They may know someone who are looking for apartment units in your area and may be interested in viewing yours If you can't do the job alone, ask the help of a real estate agent.
Real estate agents are experts in selling properties and may even know people who are looking for a place just like yours.
Keep in mind that since it's a job, they may sell your home at a higher value for their commission.

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