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Duct tape is a handy tool for saving money on repair costs.
However, in recent years it has emerged as a means of holding saved money.
Duct tape wallets are perhaps the most innovative of products created using water-resistant adhesive duct tapes.
Wallets made of duct tapes are cheap, and there are a variety of colors and shades to choose from.
People usually make duct tape wallets by themselves, so that they can customize the wallets exactly how they want.
Creating duct tape wallets has almost become an art.
All you need is a roll of duct tape, a small knife, a ruler, and some creativity.
Step-by-step instructions are freely available on websites and magazines dedicated to duct tape.
Major duct tape manufacturers make their own brand of duct tape wallets.
Popular varieties include tri-fold wallet, bi-fold wallet, vest style wallet and the mini wallet.
There are even wallets designed to block RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) signals.
Aluminum foils are used in these wallets to block signals, thus protecting the personal information stored in the RFID tagged credit cards and badges.
Duct tape wallets have emerged as popular gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other important occasions.
'Cheap' and 'sturdy' are the catchwords of duct tape wallets today.
They are available at prices as low as $15.
Usually students make these wallets for fund raising, or simply as a means of earning easy money.
Hardcore fans of duct tape products often make wallets in a bid to boast their creativity and resourcefulness.

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