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"A Mighty Wind" DVD Review Rating

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There are lots of laughs in "A Mighty Wind," but the edge of the humor in this film is a little gentler than in some of Guest?s others. He?s made funnier films, but this is one of my favorites.

  • Often laugh-out-loud funny
  • Good-natured comedy with lovable characters
  • Humorous parodies of 1960s folk music

  • Occasionally a little too low-key
  • Lightweight?avoids politics and drugs
  • Satire is gentle, not biting (could be a pro)

    • DVD containing comedy movie ?A Mighty Wind? (2003) about folk music
    • Movie directed by Christopher Guest and co-written by Guest and Eugene Levy
    • Film stars Guest, Levy, Catherine O?Hara, Jane Lynch, Parker Posey, Fred Willard, and Bob Balaban
    • DVD contains feature-length audio commentary by Guest and Levy
    • DVD provides nearly one-half hour of additional scenes
    • DVD contains additional bonus materials, including PBN/TV broadcast of entire concert
    • Excellent picture quality
    • Excellent sound quality

    Guide Review - "A Mighty Wind" DVD Review

    I've always loved Christopher Guest's quirky satiric style. Although there are lots of laughs in "A Mighty Wind," the edge of the humor in this film is a little gentler than in some of his others. The story here is that decades after their heyday, three famous 1960s folk music groups put on a concert at New York?s Town Hall that will be broadcast on public television. But this is just a framework for skit-style comedy and parodies of old folk songs. The tone of this movie is affectionate towards a certain kind of folk music, but it does manage to deftly skewer public television programs aimed at Baby Boomers.

    I know that Guest has made funnier films, but "A Mighty Wind" is tied as my favorite with "Waiting for Guffman."

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