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How to Make Elegba Altars

    • 1). Make an altar. If there is room in a yard, arrange the stones in a crossroads intersecting figure. Arranging the stones in a corner will have the same effect as creating a crossroads. If the altar is inside, arrange the stones in a crossroads then set a stone and iron at the center of the crossroads.

    • 2). Light candles. Purchase candles from a Botanica, or in the ethnic food section of a supermarket. Preferably, it should be an Elegua candle; or a Nino d'Atocha or Saint Anthony candle. If none of these are available, a plain red candle will do.

    • 3). Make offerings. Elegba enjoys flowers. Red carnations, or a flower bouquet are appropriate. Flavored liquor such as Ouzo or Sambuco will work. Smoked fish, toasted kernel corn and a whole coconut also satisfy Elegba. Fruits are good, depending on what you are asking for; Grapes are good for money, while honey is good for love. Elegba also enjoys money, sweets, coffee and good cigars.

    • 4). Decorate the altar. Elegba enjoys anything appropriate for a child. He particularly favors whistles, tops, toy cars and marbles. A walking stick or hooked cane are also nice, as are red and black patterned cloth.

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