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2 Key Skills Almost Always Overlooked in Successful People

There are two key aspects of successful people better usually overlooked because they are towards the bottom of the list of attributes to develop.
While learning how to manage yourself properly, take calculated risks, develop a high sense of character, learning how to work hard every day in learning social intelligence are all at the top of the list, you must not skip over these last two we will discuss.
Asked yourself this question, am I to tolerant to many things that I disagree with in my life? Do I have the ability to become intolerant when it is needed? Do I find myself judging people and not accepting them for who they are? The first thing you must do is become intolerant and intolerant are one of the most important strategies that you should incorporate into success.
Many people do not get along with one another in the workplace today.
This is simply because we are not tolerant of other human beings, the words they use, the gestures they express themselves with, and the voice tone that they use while they communicate.
Learning how to become tolerant of other human beings that are different from you is a must have skill in your bag of tools throughout life.
Becoming intolerant of other people who do things that are illegal, immoral, unethical is also a skill you must develop in your life.
You should always be open minded individuals and things they have to say.
Ideas that another person may have will probably be something completely different than what you think.
However, when people start becoming immoral, illegal, and unethical, your tolerance for them must be zero.
It is not right to let a child abuser continue to abuse children.
It is not right to let a pedophile out on the streets once he has been convicted of doing something immoral and just completely wrong with an innocent child.
There are times in life when you must become intolerant and I hope you incorporate these as well.
The second thing you must do that many people overlook is develop a sense of humor.
Not only does laughing and developing a sense of humor create an enormous health benefits for the human body, it is just plain much more pleasant to be around someone who enjoys life and is optimistic every day.
Humor allows people to relieve tension from situation.
People who have the ability to be humorous don't take themselves too serious and life.
Whether you are in the business world or personal world, I guarantee you that people with a sense of humor are much better like in people who do not have a sense of humor.
If you do not believe me just, go take a look.
The moral is very simple, learn to smile and laugh from time to time.

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