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Business Opportunity - Is Your Previous Experience As a Manager of Any Help to You?

There are many people who try the home based business opportunity from home after being managers in other companies for a long time.
Let us dig deeper into this aspect and see if the conditions would be favorable for them or not.
Limitations of working as a manager:  People who have been working as managers are used to specific tasks.
Their scopes for growth are pretty much limited due to the policies and restrictions in their workplaces.
Therefore, at one stage they just stop thinking outside the box.
The process which they handle becomes their own little comfort zone from where they will find it difficult to move out and think of something new.
  This kind of situation can sometimes be unfavorable for them to get started with their own business.
Managers handling larger teams, tend to show a biased kind of characteristics towards their subordinates.
They will have a set of people whom they like and also a set of people whom they dislike.
However, they will need to be very diplomatic even to the people whom they think do not deserve to work under them.
  They become used to the process which they handle, that their decision-making abilities stops exploring on new avenues.
They themselves work under the supervision of their bosses and the decision made by their bosses has to be abided by them even if they think it is wrong.
  Over a period of time, they actually lose their confidence to do something new.
They are normally overwhelmed with their insecurities.
Managers also tend to become poor listeners over a period of time because they get so used to telling others want to do.
They might even start looking at smaller pictures in life.
  If things go really wrong, they also get the flexibility to play the blame game.
It is quite a normal phenomenon which is visible in many organizations.
They are answerable to others but are not totally accountable for the problems.
They still get their salaries at the end of the month.
Advantages of being a manager: Managers will have become well versed with the people's skills or the interpersonal skills.
When running their own business opportunity, they will be unbiased because it is their own business which is going to suffer if they make the wrong decisions based on emotions.
They will have a clear understanding about how all the different departments of an organization work towards the common goal, which is the profit for the company.
Therefore, they will be more accurate when delegating the works to others.
People without this experience tend to make the mistakes of giving the wrong tasks to wrong people.
It is quite evident that you will need to identify the places where you will need to learn new things and it is equally important to identify the places where you will need to unlearn few things for the better of your business.
The ex managers will have improved on their reporting skills and the reviewing skills which can come very handy in their own home based business opportunity.
Probably the most important area where they will need to develop the skills would be related to their decision-making abilities.
Now that they are the bosses of their business, they will need to live and behave like one.

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