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One of the byproducts of the Internet is the advent of a new position in the ranks of business. This position is called the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). While still in its relative infancy this position places multiple burdens on one individual.

If you are a small home-based business you may be Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial officer (CFO) and CMO. It may even seem ridiculous to look at the sharing of duties when there are so few to lend a hand.

If your business is large a CMO may be a viable option for improved Internet Marketing.

These individuals are assigned the task of managing details like customer service, product marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with advertising and promotion.

The best term to describe these individuals is multi-tasking. They have to be well versed in a variety of skills and be able to execute these skills as needed. If the individual does not posses some of the required skills they should either work to learn the skills or be able to outsource the needs while they retain the role of project manager.

Interestingly a CMO may shift positions every two years, which is why it may be important for CEOs to understand the complex and demanding environment a CMO must work in.

Internet marketing can be time consuming simply because some forms of online marketing are tedious and contain a significant learning curve.

Whether your company is large enough to have a CMO or small enough to have one person performing all the skills it may be important to recognize the availability of outside help.

There are a variety of freelancers who can perform skills as diverse as logo creation, podcast development, unique knowledge-rich content or SEO assistance.

The use of a freelance expert can be an important component to immediate development of a certain area of your online business while you work to learn the skills needed to make your site unique using your own skills.

Two sites that I would like to mention that provide logo and audio creation at no cost can be found at and

These sites are filled with individuals who are either graphic design experts or voice over artists who will fulfill requests as they have time. Many companies are using logos or audio from these two sites to further enhance their sites or even their phone system messages.

You dont have to have a CMO to be successful, but you do need a willingness to work at finding ways to succeed. This is a hallmark of the entrepreneurial sprit. If you have it you will likely find success if you dont, you need to find it fast.

This stick-to-it-tiveness is indispensable when you own a company, when you run a company and when you seek to market that company.

It really isnt a matter of if you think it makes sense or not. In an online world if you dont find some way to let others know you exist you will not stay in business very long.

Be your own CMO if you need to, but get your message out there. Someone needs to hear it and you have the greatest interest in passing the word along.

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