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How to Get Back Your Girlfriend Almost Immediately: The Secrets

Ok, I used to be in your same exact situation. You want to know how to get back your girlfriend. Here are some super EFFECTIVE secrets to getting your girlfriend back as quickly as possible.

Number one, if you are constantly calling or texting her and begging her to come back to you, you need to stop doing this ASAP! Definitely don't try and buy her love back with dinner, gifts or flowers. If you try and buy buy her love this will let her know immediately that you're insecure and needy. Any attraction she had left for you will be immediately lost because almost every girl is going to run far away from any needy or insecure guy.

The number two how to get back your girlfriend secret is to never attempt to argue, fight or even reason with her about what went wrong in the relationship. Ideally, don't even say a word about the state of the relationship. Do not mention it one bit. Just play it Paul Newman cool and act like you're ready to move on with your life;
pretend to be perfectly ok with the breakup.

Persuading her to come back to you is probably not going to work either. Women usually don’t respond to persuasion. She responds to the way you make her FEEL. A great saying is "change her mood not her mind".

Recall for a moment what you were like when you guys first met. Do you remember how confident you were, how much of a man you were? I'm going to guess all of that confidence slowly disappeared over the course of your relationship. Your girlfriend then started to take control of the relationship. She eventually became the one who made all the decisions and held every card until she broke up with you.

Please realize that the reason she ended it with you is because her attraction for you went away. Women are attracted to very different things than what guys are.

Guys are biologically programmed to be attracted to a certain hip to waste ratio, facial symmetry and so on. Women, for the most part, are attracted to how you behave! How you physically look only has a tiny bit to do with how attracted she is to you. A big how to get back your girlfriend secret is that you've got to be assertive, dominant and be a leader. This is exactly what creates attraction in a woman’s mind.

In the end, just quit being her lap dog. She doesn't want that kind of man and it will only kill any chance you had of getting your girlfriend back. So, are you ready to change your behavior? Do it now.  It’s time to go back to being the same guy you used to be when you first started dating your girlfriend. If you'd like more FREE secrets about how to get back your girlfriend just take a look at my bio box below.

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