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The Hierarchy of Objectives for Marketing

    Millennium Marketing

    • Millennium marketing objectives embody a series of methods and techniques that reflect the consumer demand of present day. Building your company's home on the Web first requires that higher management and internal teams collaborate on strategic tactics that accurately transmit the intended company image and reputation. This implies conducting effective online research and analyzing engagement methods already of competitors. Identifying customer orientation is next. This phase involves identifying competitors' social marketing strategies and creating your own powerful customer orientation ploy to address specific products and services.


    • At the base of online marketing hierarchy is advocacy. McKenzie & Co., in a report on a Georgia Institute of Technology survey of World Wide Web users, found that only 4 percent of online users register at Web sites, with two-thirds of nonregistrants listing lack of trust as one of their reasons. Advocating greater security for the consumer requires implementing state of the art website security and legitimizing your products and services. Additionally, reaching out to consumers through social media is crucial to elevating your relationship with consumers. Establish profiles on social media sites and use these areas to send consumers compelling, textured, culturally relevant content that is linked to your company's strategy.


    • After surmounting the point of advocacy with the consumer, companies should employ direct marketing tactics in an effort to connect with their target audience. Tweet interesting pieces and post valuable updates to Facebook or LinkedIn. Some ways of engaging consumers include sending emails or newsletters, offering special perks and discounts or recognizing the consumer through via Twitter by way of an @ message. Connection stage objectives are focused around getting the customer expression---you want them to "like," "tweet" or "comment" about the usefulness and value of your products and services.


    • Ownership, the top of millennium marketing, is attained once the consumer owns your brand. Today, consumers have ownership rights to "branding" their favorite services and products. Joe Tripodi, chief marketing and commercial officer of Coca-Cola, said, "Our fanpage wasn't started by an employee. ... Instead, it was launched by two consumers ... as an authentic expression of how they felt about Coca-Cola. A decade ago, a company like ours would have sent a 'cease and desist' letter from our lawyer. Instead, we've partnered with them to create new content, and our Facebook page is growing by about 100,000 fans every week."

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