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Charting software is used by day traders to watch their markets, and is usually the piece of software that they use the most. Charting software displays the past and current market information (such as the prices, and the volume) in a graphical view.

Brokerage or Third Party Software

As most of the trading day is spent looking at charting software, you will want to choose charting software that meets your requirements.

Some day trading brokerages provide charting software as part of their trading software, but often they do not offer the variety of features that third party charting software offers. Some popular charting software are listed below :


When choosing your charting software, you will need to consider features like, its ease of use, its flexibility, and its range of features. Some charting software offers only the basics (charts, and a few indicators), while others offer additional features like replaying charts, and programming interfaces for creating custom indicators. Like trading software, most charting software offers a demonstration version, so that you can test the software before you decide if it is the charting software that you want to use.

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