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How to Break the Friend Barrier - Getting Your Friend to Be Your Girlfriend

Are you tired of being stuck in the friend zone? It is very frustrating when a woman, you are really attracted to, thinks of you as more of a brother than anything else.
If you really want to escape the friend zone I have good news; there is a way out...
Change your style Most men don't understand the power that clothing have in the attraction arena.
You can increase your social value, get everyone to trust you and your decisions more; just by creating a personal image that is comfortable, cool, and eye-catching.
Make sure you show the girl of your dreams the best version of yourself at all times.
She has to discover that there is a man hiding behind her pal's façade.
And there is a bonus, imagine her reaction when girls start flirting with you on the street.
As a general rule women will be attracted to you if other females are attracted to you.
Use your absence to increase attraction.
We have to give women the chance to miss us.
Avoid coming off as a desperate guy, neediness is the ultimate attraction killer.
If you have plans don't cancel them just because she gave you a last-minute call.
If she believes you are always available your value will automatically go down.
Your time is a precious and limited resource; make her work for it.
Men with adventurous and exciting lives are chick magnets.
You need to have a life of your own before any girl can be a part of it.
The only constant in life is change.
Women are attracted to men they are curious about.
If she believes that she has figured you out then the attraction will disappear.
You have to keep her guessing.
Send her mixed signals all the time.
For example, you can use your body language to send her positive and negative signals.
Doing this creates tension and keeps her thinking about you.
Unless you are able to create tension between you and a girl you will never be able to escape from the friend zone.
One last thought...
If you really want a relationship with a girl you have to be willing to lose her, otherwise it will be very difficult to stay in control.
Women constantly test your ability to stay in control.
They will try to take that power from you, and if you allow it to happen you will instantly lose desirability.
Many guys think that if they please women they will gain some points and win their heart.
But, that is a lie.
Remember if you lose control you will lose the girl.

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