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Canada offers Excellent Settlement to Investor Immigration

Investment in Canada can indeed be a wishful idea as it gets you appreciation, security and stability. The country has long been a preferred destination for the businesses who seek a profitable investment. This gets a major boost by its presence among the economically active nations such as US and European Union. One can therefore say that Canada offers excellent settlement to investor immigration. Following are the reasons that identify Canada as a good source for investment-
  1. Economic integrity
  2. Ethnic diversity
  3. Abundance of Natural resources
  4. Geography
  5. Settlement options

The economy of Canada is spelled by stability, consistency and progression. Economic integrity is therefore being observed persistently by the existing businesses. Even after the global meltdown on world economies, Canada has been able to keep the liquidity available to all the sectors. The fundamentals have allowed the Federal Government to keep it profitable for the investors. All this gets better with the Ethnic diversity in the different provinces. Skilled Migration has for long been a major source of ‘skills' for the country. Along with skills come culture, knowledge, theories and thoughts. All this has made the country very rich on ethnic diversity.

Canada also boasts of its abundance with natural resources. Investors can see huge profits with the Dairy, Manufacturing and Production sector. Extraction has evolved as a new sector and the federal government is promoting it actively across the globe. Minerals, ores and oil are already attracting a lot of investors and businessmen to make their bet. The geography of the region is one more of the positives on this rising influx of investible fund. Canada shares its economic boundaries with countries such as US and European Union. A production unit in the country gets an easy access to a greater market and without any major hiccups.

Settlement options make for the most convincing reason as Canada offers excellent settlement to investor immigration. The investors and business persons can have a smooth landing to gradually settle down in the country without any hiccups on culture, residence and basic amenities. The federal government offers its investors options on Citizenship and Permanent Residency. With an investment of CAD$ 800,000, the immigrant can either acquire a business or make contribution to the public sector projects. It is however important that the applicant already has a relevant experience of business management for 2 years and a minimum net worth of CAD$ 1, 600, 000.

One must make a note of the fact that Investor visas have an exhaustive list of pending applications. One should therefore take chances with the Quebec investor program. You can apply as an investor candidate, entrepreneur candidate or a self-employed candidate. One can acquire or run a business, make investments in the economy or generate employment as an investor.

Canada is a land full of opportunities and makes it very relevant for the investors to explore its resources and the talent pool. Also, the consistency and the resilience of the economy make the investment safe and secure. 

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