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Why You Need Car Rental to Get You Around the Dunedin Fringe Festival

New Zealand has been a Landmark destination for cultural events. The Dunedin festival is held every year across many venues. New Zealand is a lovely country and the perfect place to have a large fringe festival, than in the South Islands. Fringe is the term that has become associated with the various alternate forms of theatre and performance. This festival is a platform for artists, both established and emerging, to display their talents. These artists participate in this annual fete which owes its functioning to the Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust.
The Dunedin Fringe Festival is the only fringe festival in the South Island. The festival began in the year 2000 and has only been growing ever since its inception. This festival of arts takes place in March, every year. It has gained repute for producing top notch acts and leaving its audiences stunned with the sheer brilliance showcased. Dunedin Fringe Festival 2013 was one of the biggest ever with 100 shows and the largest audience turnout since 2006.
Like the famous Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Dunedin stages different events across various venues. There arises the need to move around the festival and get to the venues as quickly as possible. Time is of utmost importance in any festival. You need to manage your time well to make the most of what you are paying for. One of the best ways to do this is Car Rental Dunedin. This is a very viable option if you intend to go with a few friends.
The festival is about 3 to 4 hours away from Queenstown. If you are heading out from Christchurch, it should take you 6 hours to get to Dunedin. Hiring a car can save you a lot of time and money. There are several options for you to pick from if you intend to car hire Dunedin. The drive to Dunedin is breath-taking. The drive is scenic with the Alps to keep you company for a major part. There are several towns that you will pass on your way to Dunedin. You can stop over at one of these quaint towns. Oamaru, Palmerston, Timaru, Temuka and Ashburton are some of the towns you can stop at. You can visit the dainty cafes and restaurants here.
You may opt to drive in a variety of car rental Dunedin options. You can choose to rent an economy van, passenger vans or premium 4WD's. The Fringe festival is not the only thing to catch while in Dunedin. You can also plan a short visit to Larnach Castle. This is the only Castle in New Zealand and is situated just outside Dunedin. A short getaway after the festival will be much easier on the pocket if you choose car hire Dunedin.
If you are looking to move through Dunedin, you can give car rentals a serious thought. They cut down on transport costs and you get to explore the South Island of New Zealand. To know more about hiring cars in Dunedin, you can check the website.

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