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Tippmann Releases A New Paintball Marker Dedicated To Paintball Beginners

The Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun is a big deal in the paintball world, especially for beginners. Tippmann claims that this gun is one of the best cheap paintball markers ever created.

There are not a whole lot of quality markers that are cheap. The problem with most cheap paintball guns are that they are not durable enough. If you just want to have some fun with some friends. Or if you want a super cheap entry into paintballing, then you'll want a gun that doesn't break the bank. But unfortunately, the reality is that most cheap paintball markers are too cheap.

Sure, you could save a few buck with a 40 dollar paintball gun. But all too often, a paintball beginner will buy too many of these cheap guns, before realizing that it is better to go for 'good' cheap, instead of 'cheap' cheap.

You need a gun that won't break down. And you will want to have a decent amount of accuracy. I did a Tippmann Gryphon Review the day that this gun was released. I was lucky enough to get my bare hands on this bad boy.

I am absolutely amazed by the quality of this paintball gun. It only costs 70 dollars, which is an absolute bargain for an affordable entry into paintballing. Typically, you cannot spend less than 150 dollars on a paintball marker, and expect any reliability whatsoever. The Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun completely surprised us with an affordable product that overdelivers.

The Gryphon marker is semi-automatic. Eventually, all paintball players transition to an automatic paintball marker. It is really hard for any beginner paintball gun to compete with an automatic trigger system. But, as most paintball experts recommend, it is better to start with a semi-automatic marker. The reason for this is to learn proper form.

It's quite easy to become sloppy with an automatic paintball gun. I see paintball beginners try them out every single day at my paintball field, and it always makes me cringe. Their is no player development to be gained from spraying the paintball field sporadically. You need a method to your madness. The Ollie Lang's and other paintball legends have reasons for their automatic streams of paintballs. You can learn way more from focusing on a single shot at a time, than you will from spraying your entire hopper at once. This is one point that a lot of paintball beginners do not seem to grasp at first.

I'm getting side tracked here, and I apologize. My point is that paintball beginner's need to play a season or two with a semi-automatic paintball gun, in order to develop good accuracy, and then transition to a better paintball marker. The Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun IS that semi-automatic gun you're looking for. It way overdelivers for it's price tag, and can compete with guns in the 200 dollar price range.

The Tippmann Gryphon marker has been a pleasant surprise to just about everybody. This gun is the new "must have" paintball gun for beginners.

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