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Lacrosse balls are either orange or white in color.
They are between 7.
75 and 8 inches in circumference, and between 5 and 5.
25 ounces in weight.
The "crosse" or netted stick is between 40 inches to 72 inches in length.
The "crosse" head is made of wood, plastic, laminated wood, or a material permitted by the International Lacrosse Federation (ILF).
The shaft of the crosse is made of aluminum, wood or an ILF-approved material.
Players wear protective gloves, appropriate shoes or boots, and a helmet outfitted with a facemask and a chinstrap for safety.
The rules do not allow the fingers to be cut out of a player's gloves; in fact, fingers must be enclosed within, and should be a part of the glove.
A player is not allowed to play with his fingers outside the glove.
The goalkeeper wears a throat guard and a chest protector.
Also, there is a box to protect the groin area.
Should a player lose any of his equipment during the game, play is immediately suspended.
It is imperative for each lacrosse player to wear a jersey that has a block number centered on the front as well as the back.
The front of the jersey should have a number that is 8 inches high, and the back number should be 10 inches in height.
Nonetheless, the numbers on the front and back of the player's jersey should be the same.
Duplicate numbers are not allowed on the same team.
The visiting team generally gets a choice of their jersey color; the home team should wear jerseys of a contrasting color.

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