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Grow Magic Mushrooms Easily Without Any Hassle

Today with the advent of all types of latest innovations and technologies it is possible to enjoy mushrooms all the year round. There are varieties of mushrooms available in the market. Mushrooms are considered as good nutritious edible item. But there are a group of mushrooms which when consumed may have hallucinating effects. These mushrooms are called magic mushrooms or only shrooms. These mushrooms are also consumed by many people. These produce drug like effect. Many people consume magic mushrooms for recreation purposes. They are naturally occurring fungi which are consumed raw or dried or even consumed with tea. There are also varieties of magic mushrooms with varying strengths. Some have more hallucinating effects and some have less hallucinating effects.

Basically these magic mushrooms free imagination to internal or external influences and let the mind relax. It takes usually no longer than an hour for the trip to engage, and it lasts for at least for five to six hours. The long term effects of consuming these mushrooms are somewhat unknown. These mushrooms grow in the wild. All these fungi are not consumable and it is very difficult to distinguish between the edible ones and the non edible ones. The ones that look like shrooms but are not shrooms may have poisonous effects. If the wrong mushrooms are consumed then it may also result in painful and slow killing. There are many people who know how to grow magic mushrooms. Because magic mushrooms are naturally occurring and are not processed in any way before they are consumed they are somewhat considered as a safe drug.

Earlier it was illegal to grow magic mushrooms. It was only legal to use them for research, medicinal or study purposes. But today that is not the case. Today there are various ways in which magic mushrooms can be grown both at home outdoors and indoors too. People who live in small houses or apartments and have less space, they can also grow shrooms using the various types of shroom growing kits available in the market.

These shroom kits have detailed steps given on them to guide you how to grow magic mushrooms. The shrooms are said to have psychoactive properties and contain chemicals like ibotenic acid and muscimol. It may sometimes be dangerously toxic. Reports state that, the taste of these shrooms can vary from being fine to terrible. There are also different colors of the mushrooms like white, red, orange red, red brown, melon color etc. Drying these mushrooms evidently transforms the harmful ibotenic acid into desired substance muscimol. When you know to grow magic mushrooms and consume them you must be sure of few things. They should be magic mushrooms and not anything of the same color or feature, you should not consume the magic mushrooms that have gone bad or have become stale. The other mushrooms that look similar to the magic mushrooms can cause serious health related issues and problems. Today growing mushrooms has become a lucrative business yielding high profits.

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