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The Awesome And Intense Expedition To The Amazon World

There are times when you might want to have a terrific and death-defining expedition in your life. At least once, you may want the adrenaline to raise and have your heart in your mouth. If you do so, the best place is the Amazon World.

An expedition to the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon River is truly unique and mind-blowing. Seriously, there can't be any other expedition that can give you an awe-inspiring and marvelous experience. Walking to the dense and thickly wildlife populated forest and crossing the gorgeous and the largest river, will make you just dazed.

You may think what made me realize this. Well, just yesterday I was watching the rerun of a travel expedition made by Ed Stafford to the Amazon Forest on the Discovery Channel on my FiOS TV. It was electrifying and cool. He literally spent 2.5 years in the Amazon Forest and had a thrilling experience. You may be surprised on how he could survive in the Amazon Forest as his expedition was no walk in the park. He encountered vicious animals; got stung by bees, scorpions, bull ants; and even had ticks infested on his body.

Naturally there could be doubts in your mind whether to go for the Amazon expedition or not. Frankly, if you go, you will never regret it. The Amazon forest is filled with diversified biodiversities. You may see many of the world's known and nature's beautiful species in this forest. Seeing them in their natural habitat, observing their way of living will just exhilarate your experience. Home to most of the exuberant animals and plant, you could not only experience their beauty but also have a close encounter with some of them. Sometimes on your journey you may meet some of the dangerous wildlife like jaguar, cougar, anaconda, etc. Yes, anacondas. Not the computer graphic or digitally enhanced robot which you see in movies, but the original one. You may see it alive, lying motionless in the shallow waters of the Amazon River.

Besides these animals, there are a large number of other animals like poison dart frogs, vampire bats, etc. You need to be careful when you step into their territory as they don't like visitors. If you step into the territory of the vampire bat, there could be a chance that it could attack you. The attack may be dangerous as you could get rabies.

Now let us come to the Amazon River. One of the longest and the deadliest river, you could have a splendid experience in just boating on this river and seeing the waterfall. The rich fauna will naturally catch your attention as many people know that some of the different species of mammals live in the Amazon water. You can see the boto (Amazon River Dolphin) which is the largest species of dolphin in the world, anaconda, bull shark, and not to forget the piranhas. It will be one of your best and truly awesome experiences. Seeing them alive and in the flesh, watching them in their natural instincts will truly give you an enamoring feeling.

Besides having a bowled over experience in seeing the biodiversity of the Amazon forest and river, you would also view the effects of the deforestation. Every year, great amount of tress is being cut which is reducing the beauty of this great rain forest. Human settlement and development of land have started to closely eat the greenery and lead to the extinction of certain types of plants and trees.

A simple advice to those who plan to take the terrific and an awe-inspiring Amazon expedition is that always take a well known and knowledge guide with you. You could inquire with the local travel agencies and surf the web to know who provide the best and the safest travel expedition. You don't want to get lost in the one of the world's dense forest and spend the rest of your life as a tribesman.

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