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Is your toxic relationship depressing you?

Just how may you detect that your relationship is toxic?  Although your spouse says they love you, their behavior don't back it up.  Here are some signs of a toxic relationship:

* Your spouse embarrasses you in front of others.
* You have made sacrifices just to please them.
* Your spouse is controlling – looking through your e-mails or appearing at places that you go just to see if you're there.
* Your spouse attempts to make you dependent on them.

Have you noticed how certain people make you feel depressed just being close to them.  So, exactly why would anyone find themselves in a toxic relationship?  Why would someone choose to be with a person who makes them feel depressed or make them feel worthless?

There's a particular cycle in a toxic relationship.  There's the honeymoon phase, followed by a blow up, then there's the getting back together – afterward the cycle starts back again.  It's the same cycle over and over again.

At the beginning of the relationship, you are of course in the honeymoon cycle. When you finally realize that you're in a toxic relationship, it's already too late; you are sucked in.  At this stage, it is hard to change things.

Generally, growing up in a toxic home will have you end up in a toxic relationship.  The outcome is that they repeat the patterns of their younger years without even realizing it.  Usually, they don't know any better.  Some people believe they are not worthy of happiness.  However, some find that they take pleasure of caring for someone else.

First off, if you have read up until here, I want to tell you how sorry i am to hear you are feeling depressed and it might be because of a toxic relationship.  I know exactly what you are going through and it's an extremely hard period in your life.  Don't forget you have choices and you have to think of yourself and your well-being in this difficult period.

Continue reading an I'll show you some options and guides that can help you.

People with low self esteem or suffering with depression often find themselves in these types of relationships.  Once you realize that you're in a toxic relationship, there are options and you have choices.  The first step is to know what is best for you. The next step is to stand up for yourself.

Generally in most toxic relationships, the toxic spouse has taught you to believe that it is all your fault.  After you believe this,  it can be quite challenging to either leave the relationship or set new limitations to repair the relationship.

Therapy groups can help you restore your self-esteem and teach you how to express yourself.

When you are aware of the signs of a toxic person, some are able to break the cycle.  Some end up leaving their relationship and establish new, healthier bonds.

Some folks are in fact able to restore their relationship and remain in it.  At times, with a little space, some relationships are able to be restored.  Other occasions, counseling is required.  If both partners are willing to make an effort, it is possible to replenish the bonds in a healthy way.

Now, you must make some decisions.  Is the relationship able to improve?  If not, you must be willing to walk away.

Remember that this toxic relationship is not healthy for you and your situation will only get worst.  If there is no change, you will never heal.

You will start to assert your needs in a toxic relationship once you separate yourself from the dependency.  You have to start by saying "I need your love", "I need you to be sincere", or "I need your honesty".

You should be prepared to walk if your spouse doesn't meet your needs and your partner should be aware that you will truly walk away if things don't change.  Be assertive and make sure your partner knows you are serious.

In a healthy relationship the desires of both partners are met.  In a toxic relationship, only the desires of one person is met.  You must take matters into your own hands and make the necessary changes.  Don't kid yourself in believing that this toxic relationship is okay because nobody deserves to be treated this way; not even you.  Your needs must be met too.

Remember that we're in 2011 and everyone including yourself has the right to express your own feelings.  Don't let anyone make you believe otherwise.

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