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How To Hire Reliable Employees for Your Home Based Enterprise

So you're finally able to set up a system for your work at home.
Suddenly, those days when you were on your phone and on the internet for endless hours seemed like a bad dream.
And now, you actually do not just have a great Home Based Business but a thriving home life as well.
The next step is to get a few more people to help you take that business into the next level.
Hiring people for your work from home business can be quite tricky.
For one, they will obviously not be in the same setting as you are, so therefore you cannot fully gauge their performance unlike in a corporate set-up.
It will be difficult to talk about hiring the right people without getting into the specifics of what kind of business it actually is but here are a few general tips: Make Sure He or She Keeps an Open Line of Communication Communication is the most important asset to have for a good working relationship with your employee.
Whether it's through email, fax or phone, make sure he is able to meet your expectations in terms of his availability and time of response.
Keep this clear in the beginning what you expect from him.
Set up clear rules for communicating such as when it is convenient for him to contact you and vice-versa and the repercussions of not getting back to your right away.
Check his performance in terms of communication before fully getting him.
If it seems to be a habit for him to not update with you for hours or even days on end, then it's time to move forwards.
Thoroughly Check His or Her Background When it comes to referencing, the most reliable people to ask are his former employers.
If it is possible for you to check with them by means of a phone call or email, then do so.
Ask about his overall performance but also ask of his ability to self-manage himself.
Can he work without heavy supervision? Does he have the diligence to look for things to do? Does he constantly research on how to better his performance? Things like these will help you have an initial impression on the possible employee.
Another good way to check his background would be through his social networks.
Most potential employees have accounts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Multiply nowadays.
This way you get to check what he is outside of the office, what his interests are and whether he is ethical enough not to put incriminating issues or images in his network.
Set a Realistic Compensation Package If you have a start up work from home business, then do not be ashamed to tell your potential employees of the reality of small start up compensations.
This way, he or she will not expect for you to give him the same packages as a corporate business would.
However explain to him of some potential figures too without padding or over-promising of what he can expect should the business be successful in a month's or year's time.
Lastly, also explain that apart from the monetary compensation, he or she will have enough freedom to manage on his own, equal to being a freelancer himself.

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