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3 Keys To Finding The One For You

You know there is someone for you, somewhere in cyberspace...
you just have to find them.
Here are 3 keys that should help...
Know what you are looking for online.
You do not want to approach online dating unsure of what you want.
Do you know what "type" of relationship you want? Are you looking for friends? A casual romantic relationship? Maybe...
"friends with benefits"? If you aren't sure what you are looking for, how will you know when you find it? The main key to finding the one for you is knowing who you are trying to find! Once you are sure of the type of relationship you want, make that clear in your profile.
If you are only looking for a casual relationship, it is very frustrating for the other singles that are interested in a long term commitment.
If it is stated clearly in your profile, you can never be accused of misrepresenting yourself.
Know the type of person you are looking for.
Be clear about whether you will or will not be interested in a long distance relationship.
If you are opposed to dating someone within a certain profession you need to state that up front.
You may have very strong religious convictions and will only date someone of the same faith, say so from the start! 3.
You must know the characteristics the "ideal" person for you must have.
Take the time to make a list of what I call the "must haves" and the "options".
(You will be surprised how an actual list will help you find the one for you!) The "must haves" are items that come with absolutely NO flexibility.
Nothing on the "must haves" list is negotiable.
For example, one of my "must haves" is height.
I am 6' tall, so I have height limitations.
There is no flexibility here for me...
Your "options" are "things" you would love to have, it's like your ultimate "wish list".
Your dreams are filled with the perfect person having all of the "options".
But, you are willing to negotiate in order to find the one for you.
The main keys to finding the one for you is knowing exactly what you want.
If you don't know what you want...
you won't be able to identify it when you see it!

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