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How Much Time Will Take To Get PR in Saskatchewan PR Visa

People in large number are migrating to Canada. Canadian opportunities are not only attracting people of specific age, field or of profession but attracting wide variety of people. Saskatchewan is a prairie province in Canada. Saskatchewan requires many skilled workers. Skilled worker must be qualified and talented and must spurt country's economy.

Saskatchewan is offering many opportunities to different types of professionals. There are more than 50 visa categories through which one can apply for immigration. If you are thinking of migrating to Saskatchewan, then you should go for Saskatchewan provincial nominee program. Saskatchewan provincial nominee program speeds up the processing for permanent resident. Yes Saskatchewan provincial nominee program is permanent resident program.

This is the fast track program so the processing of the application under this program will be quite faster than other. Successful applicant will receive SINP certificate which will speed up the Canada immigration permanent resident card application process. Individual nominated by the government of Saskatchewan together with their common law partner/spouse and dependent children can apply for PR visa as a provincial nominee through Canadian immigration.

Under Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee program there are 8 categories through which one can apply for

€ Entrepreneur
€ Skilled workers
€ Farm owner and operator
€ Family member
€ Health professionals
€ Long haul truck driver
€ Hospitality sector pilot project
€ Student

Skilled workers, manager or professionals who have full time permanent job offering from Saskatchewan employer can apply under this program. This program is further divided unto 3 categories.

Similarly entrepreneur can also apply for this program. SINP has launched a new process especially for entrepreneur category; this will improve processing time of application. This category is especially for those who wish to invest their capital, management talent in Saskatchewan business.

This program also includes family member. This category is for those immigrants' families living in Saskatchewan and wants to help their educated and skilled family member come to live and work in the province. Supporting family members include parents, brother/sister, sons/daughter, uncles/aunts, grandparents, nephews/nieces, first cousin, step family member or in laws of the same relationship.

Health professional are also included in the same program. This category allows internationally trained health professional, who have been working in Saskatchewan minimum 6 months under temporary work permit so as to apply for permanent resident status under Saskatchewan immigration nominee program.

Students are also allowed to migrate under this program. Students who are eligible post-secondary graduates to apply for landed immigrant status under Saskatchewan immigration nominee program.

Farm owner and operator category is for those for those individuals who have proven experience in farming, substantial capital is available to in farming operation and who are interested in operating farming operation in Saskatchewan.

Now you must be thinking that how much time will take to get PR in Saskatchewan PR visa? So here is the answer- the processing time of this visa is quite fast. Applicant applying for this program will be processed quite faster than other. So you must go now and apply for this program to migrate top Saskatchewan.

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