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Lockets as Lovely Gift Ideas for Mother"s Day

Lockets have been around for hundreds of years, and they were almost always given as gifts. They've been passed down from one generation to the next and simply seen as a more personalized item. Let's talk more about lockets and some gift ideas to go with them for Mother's Day.

Lockets are typically worn with chains to be placed around the neck. They usually contain a photo, which could either be of the giver, the receiver or both. However, lockets aren't only worn around the neck. Today, there are so many kinds of lockets you'll find available, and not just those with the classic design. There are even now lockets that come as a charm bracelet, and this can be worn all the time and anywhere. Lockets are great gift ideas because they come in a wide range of shapes like hearts, circles and ovals. Lockets can also be made of various materials such as silver and gold. Lockets aren't just intimate gifts, but they are also considered decorative.

The Photo - Now if you plan to buy a locket for mom to receive on Mother's Day, consider what photo and how many you are going to place in the locket. Lockets often hold just a single photograph or two. However these days you can have a locket specially made to hold more than 5 pictures! You may also choose to have spinner lockets that are able to spin freely while hanging from the necklace. This is a very vintage style that your mom might be fond of.

Other Ideas - Photographs aren't the only things that a locket can contain. There are so many gift ideas out there specifically for lockets. You may purchase a locket with a tiny cushion inside, where you can place some perfume inside so that each time the wearer opens the locket, she can enjoy a sweet aroma.

Personalize - There are lots of ways to personalize your Mother's Day gift. Take for example the secret locket gift idea. You can hide secret messages at the back of a photo that's to be placed in the locket. You can right a simple message to mom that says "Happy Mother's Day" or write a short poem! Or you can even write on a tiny scroll and keep it in the locket to surprise mom.

Designs - There are other special designs available as fantastic gift ideas. Lockets may come with a glass opening so that the inside is visible even when it isn't opened. These lockets are sometimes preferred because they are quite durable. They don't need to be opened for you to view a picture, and so will last for years to come.

Selecting Your Locket - Now that you know a little bit about lockets and how they make great gift ideas, learn how to choose the best one for mom to receive on Mother's day. There are just two things to consider when buying a locket to make as a gift. First, think about something that will make the locket intimate, like a photo or message.

The second thing you need to consider is the style of the locket. What design do you think your mom prefers? She might like simple lines and elegance, in which case you can get her a plan heart locket with a single diamond stud in the middle. If she's more into intricate designs, you may buy a Victorian style locket. As you can see, there are so many gift ideas for Mother's Day when it comes to lockets.

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