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How to Stop My Puppy From Chewing on Things

    • 1). Get your vet to recommend chew toys that are both independent and interactive. Any time you find your pup with something other than those toys, take away the incorrect item and replace it with the right one.

    • 2). Apply bitter substances to an item that's already chewed. Most puppies find one favorite thing they gnaw on (and its usually something of yours). By adding a bitter substance to that item, you're effectively providing aversion therapy for your dog's behavior. Replace the item once they drop it with an alternative approved toy. Note: your vet can recommend appropriate flavorings that are safe to use.

    • 3). Give your puppy lots of exercise. Chewing often occurs when a dog is bored or feels isolated. Exercise and interaction between you and your dog builds a bond, and decreased ill-behaved chewing.

    • 4). Puppy proof your home. When you're teaching proper chewing behaviors its important to decrease the dog's exposure to items you want kept safe. Don't leave that beloved sock on the floor when you're not watching and expect that miraculously Mr. Snuggles will not chew on it. Training your dog, also means training yourself on normal dog "mindsets."

    • 5). Consider crate training. A crate is a fantastic tool for house training your dog as well as helping deter "bad" chewing. Dogs like a space of their own. A crate becomes a virtual den where the puppy's toys await along with a comfortable blanket. When you have to leave the house for an extended period of time, the crate gets closed keeping your home safe.

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