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Lectionary Worship Resources


    • A number of websites offer resources for the liturgical preacher in using the lectionary. For instance,, intended for use in Episcopal worship services but useful for preachers of many different denominations, features links to the readings for the next three Sundays, links to Biblical passages corresponding to each week of the liturgical season, and a list of feast days organized into a calendar. The site also includes a daily devotion based on the Daily Office. provides information for preachers including the Collect for the day, primary and supplementary readings, and a set of suggestions for hymns corresponding to the service (gradual, offertory, recessional and so forth).

      Useful resources found at include readings for the liturgical seasons in all three years of the lectionary cycle (A, B and C). Articles explain the historical and theological meanings of the liturgical seasons and offer ideas for devotions and ways of celebrating through music and pageantry.


    • "Imaging the Word: An Arts and Lectionary Resource, Vol. 1," by Jann Cather Weaver and Roger William Wedell, aims to be a visual accompaniment to the appointed readings. It includes a variety of media including full-color illustrations, photographs, poetry and prayers to accompany sermons for Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost.

      "Feasting on the Word: Year A, Vol. 2: Lent Through Eastertide," by David Bartlett, offers four different essays from pastors and scholars on each of the four appointed Sunday readings, and is intended to provide in-depth material for preachers whose emphasis is both exegetical and topical. The approach aims to be suitable either for sermons that focus on one of the texts or for those that combine and seek connections among two or more passages.

      "New Proclamation: Year A, 2010-2011 Advent Through Holy Week," by Mary Lin Hudson, is an addition to the Fortress Press "New Proclamations" series, which is published yearly. It features Biblical commentary and sermon ideas from leading scholars. Topics covered include Sunday readings and major feast days.

    Professional Colleagues

    • One of the best resources for making the most of the lectionary is your network of professional colleagues. Peers in ministry, seminary professors, chaplains and supervisors (such as your bishop) can all be of use in providing ideas for preaching and for understanding the relationship between Biblical texts. Additionally, church musicians and liturgists can help to integrate the lectionary texts with the other elements of the worship service.


    • Feedback from members of your community can enhance your ability to use the lectionary to uplift and inspire your congregation. For example, if you are planning to preach a sermon on the texts appointed for Good Friday, you may want to know how informed your congregation is about the historical background and events surrounding the crucifixion. And if the season is Pentecost, it helps to have a sense of how your community relates to spiritual charisms.

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