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Best Places for Your Nursery Furniture

The nursery decoration project can be considered as a fun project. But this does not mean that you will skip the important decisions such as the placement of the essential baby furniture or the comfort and safety of each piece. Remember that you and the baby will be using it frequently in the next couple of months and even years.

Parents who frequent flea markets may be able to find baby furniture. The size of the furniture can be easily checked with the nursery room size measurement information. Since the baby's crib is one of the most essential piece of baby furniture. The design and colour of the crib needs to be the focal point of the room. The design of the crib can be as simple as the classical design or as complicated as a work of art. But the crib must conform to the child safety standards set by the government in order to prevent injury to the baby.

The baby's crib must be placed near the nursery door since parents need to easily reach the baby especially during night feedings. It will also take you less time to comfort the baby when the baby's crib is near the door. It may also tire the parent when the baby's crib is located at the back of the nursery. This is aside from the parent being accidentally tripped over by a protruding section of a carpet or a fallen toy. Therefore the baby's crib being located near the door will minimize injury.
It is advisable to never place the baby's crib near the window. A good reason is that the draft from the wind can cause the baby to become colder than normal, this can therefore make the baby frequently sick. Placing the baby's crib near the window can also change the sleeping habits of the baby. Strong sunlight on the baby's crib can cause the baby to frequently wake up.

It is advised to not have any shelving above the baby's cot [http://www.silvercross.co.uk/furniture/cot-beds-range/] since it can be a source of injury to the baby. The baby stuff on the shelf can accidentally shift and make it fall on the baby's head. Even if the baby stuff are only stuffed toys, these can also suffocate the baby.

It is best to measure the height, width and length of the entire nursery room before buying a piece of children's bedroom furniture. The reason for this is that some parents will frequently make the mistake of assuming that the furniture that they bought will fit inside the nursery. Some parents have even bought smaller sized nursery furniture and eventually have problems in having these same furniture replaced for a larger size at the furniture stores. The room size measurement can also be used at the paint store in order to easily compute for the amount of paint needed to colour the entire nursery. This is in case you frequently want to change the colour of the room in order to conform to a design scheme.

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