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How to Pick The Correct Track Shoes Spikes for Your Track and Field Event

    • 1). First off, you should also warm-up in your regular tennis shoes.This gives you support which will prevent injuries and shin splints.For distance runners, the spikes are more supportive and have a thick heel. Some distance runners even run in flats, which are very light-weight tennis shoes, however they do not offer much support.

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      Mid distance track shoe

      Sprinters spikes are light-weight and do not have a thick heel.They are made this way to promote running on your toes, which is the way sprinters are supposed to run. This helps them with quick, fast legs. Middle distance runners have spike that are in between long and short distance runners.There is a slight heel on the shoe, which gives a little more support than no heel.

    • 3). For the field events the shoes are different. Throwers shot put and discus have shoes that are high-to and no spikes in theml; the bottoms are smooth to help with the spinning movements they must do. Javalin throwers have high-top shoes with spikes on both the foot and the heel. The heel spikes help with your plant foot so you do not slip with you are about to throw.Generally, long jumpers wear sprinting spikes. High jumpers and pole vaulters wear spike that have spikes on the foot and heel, however, they are not high top.A lot of pole vaulters will wear mid-distance spikes because it is easier to run faster, and in my opinion, I like the mid-distance track shoe spikes better.

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