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Go Green With Promotional Pens - How Recycled Promotional Items Make an Impact

When was the last time you wrote a letter with a plastic bottle? Or signed your name in a birthday card with an ear of corn? Though this may sound like something from the pages of a child's storybook, recycled pens and recycled pencils can be made from much more than just old pen parts.
In fact, today's recycled promotional pens are manufactured from a variety of sources.
In addition to more common recyclable substances such as paper and plastic, recycled printed pens can be produced from a number of more unlikely sources.
Such household items as corn starch, CD jewel cases, wood, milk and juice cartons (known as Tetra Pak cartons), and even seaweed are just a handful of the ingredients used in producing recycled pens.
Each of these is broken down into more basic, usable substances and crafted into recycled pens in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to suit the needs of businesses.
Many of these pens are biodegradable, too.
Even some ink is made with natural colours and ingredients to minimize its impact on the environment.
Environmentally-friendly advertising also encompasses much more than just printed pens.
Other promotional items such as pencil sharpeners made from recycled cups or rulers produced from polystyrene packaging are just a small sampling of the promotional items available to businesses today.
Give your customers a glimpse into your company's ingenuity by choosing a recycled promotional pen that suits your business.
Do you own a sushi restaurant? How about having your logo printed on a pen made from seaweed? Is your business agricultural in nature? Choose a promotional pen crafted from corn starch.
Are you promoting a band or musical society? Why not print their name on a pen or pencil made from recycled jewel cases? With so many different recycled promotional items to choose from, there's no limit to how clever and creative you can be.
Advertising with recycled promotional pens goes beyond mere creativity, however.
When you spread the word about your business using recycled pens, you make a lasting statement.
In addition to utilising one of the most popular methods of advertising available, recycled promotional pens show that your company is not only concerned with its own success but its impact on the environment as well.
Caring for the environment is at the forefront of many peoples' minds today.
By choosing recycled promotional pens, companies can take a small step to making a big difference.

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