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Surprise! I Am Conscious in the Womb

You may be as surprised as I was when I first discovered that we are conscious in the womb.
Knowing this, you can do a lot to assist the unborn to be healthier and happier.
As a Marriage, Family Therapist, I counsel people with a process I developed called HART which stands for Holistic And Rapid Transformation.
Basically, I help people get in touch with the causes of their problems which are negative decisions made from negative experiences.
Then I guide them to delete or erase the experience, change it to a positive one, and then make a new positive decision.
The results have been amazing for 27 years.
For example, Sandy, a 38-year-old single woman, suffered with depression and loneliness.
She mentioned that she always felt she was ugly.
I asked Sandy to close her eyes and go back to the first time she made that decision.
She recalled the time she was in the delivery room.
The Doctor pulled her out and said, "Oh, what an ugly baby.
" From that experience, she decided that she was ugly.
Obviously, the doctors, nurses, parents, and everyone around the baby need to know that what they say and do does make a difference.
That is, the newborn is very aware and conscious of what is happening.
Sandy erased the negative scene, and then she imagined that the doctor said, "You have a beautiful baby.
" Sandy immediately relaxed and smiled as she felt better about herself.
James, a forty-two-year-old architect, told me that he felt scared and unsafe his whole life.
He regressed back to the time when he was born and the doctor smacked him on the buttocks.
From that traumatic experience, he decided that people hurt him and life is painful.
It is important to help the newborn to breathe and there must be more loving ways.
I guided James to erase the negative scene and change it to a positive one.
He imagined that the doctor was gently and lovingly patting his back and he was breathing fine.
James then made the decision that he is safe and people are kind and loving.
As a result, his anxiety symptoms decreased dramatically.
Numerous clients regressed back into the womb when they decided that their mother did not want them.
They picked up the fear that the mother had of the responsibility of having a baby.
In another case, Stacy, a forty-eight-year-old accountant, decided in the womb that life is a struggle and scary.
She imagined the color black (which represents fear in the unconscious) was entering through the umbilical cord.
Stacy was picking up her mother's negative feelings.
I guided her to erase the negative scene, take two deep breaths, and then imagine that her mother was happy and relaxed.
The color that came in this time was white, and Stacy smiled and also relaxed.
She then decided that life is pleasant and she could be happy too.
Bill, a thirty-two-year-old mechanical engineer, was often angry and did not trust that he was loved or wanted by anyone.
He regressed back to the time when he was conceived.
Bill started yelling, "You don't love each other! You don't want me! Don't do it!" I guided Bill to erase the scene, and then he changed it to a positive one where he was conceived out of love and the desire to be parents.
The intense man relaxed and felt peaceful.
He decided that some people may want him and love him.
These are just some examples of clients who convinced me that we are conscious beings and always making decisions from our experiences.
It is important to realize that our thoughts, feelings, and actions do affect others even at conception, in the womb, and at birth.
We do make a difference when we are positive and loving to others and ourselves.

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