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TExES Experts Reveal Shocking Insights Into Major Failures of the TExES Practice Exams!

So you want to pass your TExES exam and get your teacher certification?

Welcome to the club!  In fact, thousands of potential Texas certified teachers take the TExES exam each and every year in the hopes of achieving that enviable teacher's salary.  After all, with the average Texas salary topping out at just under $40,000 per year, it's no wonder that becoming an educator is a major dream of any star Texas student.

Once upon a time, differentiating yourself from these nameless thousands boiled down to one thing, and one thing only: using superior TExES practice exams.

Only TExES practice exams provided in-the-know test-takers with the kind of testing advice, formatting familiarity and pearls of TExES wisdom that practically guarantees a sky-high test mark.

But like with most things these days, times have certainly changed…

…And what you don't know about those TExES practice exams could hurt you!

A TExES Study Crime in the Making…

A recent survey indicated that the average Texas student spends an average of $300 on test prep materials such as a TExES study guide and plenty of TExES practice exams.  And that survey doesn't even take second and third-time test takers into account.

With that kind of cash being thrown around, you'd think that the makers of TExES practice exams would ensure that their tests would be as accurate and as detailed as possible…


Not anymore: some of the most popular practice tests floating around today make viable TExES study seem like a joke.  From inaccurate test questions to wrong answers listed in the answer key, the worst offenders are causing enthusiastic and highly skilled student teachers to miss out on their calling as certified Texas teachers.

Want to know what kind of mistakes you'll find in the worst practice test offenders?

Well, we're so glad you asked – because we're ready to blow the lid off of these sham TExES practice exams!

A TExES Criminal Line-Up

Are you ready to get shocked? Trust us, this is going to change the way you look at your TExES study for good!
  • TExES practice exams that are labeled as "diagnostic tests" are almost always more difficult than the actual exam itself.  You might think this is done to get you good and ready for the exam – well, guess again!  These diagnostics are actually designed to scare you into buying expensive test prep courses that promise you to raise your score.  And of course, since the real exam is easier, your test score goes up; but you attribute it to the prep courses rather than the test itself!
  • Many practice tests simply don't capture the feel for the actual exam, but this isn't a crime.  What is a crime, however, is the blatant disregard that some practice tests have for some essentials like proper spelling, correct grammar and even listing the correct answers.  It's an obvious slap in the face – one that costs you valuable test points!

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