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How to Serve Ice Wine

    • 1). Select a large wine glass to serve the ice wine. The wine glass should have a large bowl so that the flavors can be fully exposed to the air and appropriately released.

    • 2). Chill your wine glasses before serving the wine. Let the wine glasses sit in the freezer for about 60 minutes before you serve the wine.

    • 3). Chill the wine in the refrigerator. Ice wine should be served chilled, but it should not be freezing. Store it in the refrigerator before serving, and make sure it has been in the fridge long enough to be fully cooled. A few hours should do nicely.

    • 4). Fill the wine glasses no more than half full. This is the maximum amount of wine that should be in the glass. This is to ensure that there is plenty of air interacting with a large surface area of the wine.

    • 5). Serve your ice wine with appropriate desserts. Because ice wine is sweet, it goes best with creamy, sweet desserts such as mousse. It should not be served with a heavy entree like steak, and does not even follow this type of dinner particularly well unless you have had a fairly lengthy break between dinner and dessert.

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