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Instructions for a Automatic Pool Cleaner for an Above Ground Pool

    • 1). Connect the hoses into one another by pushing the female end of each hose into the male end of each hose. Measure the distance from your skimmer to the farthest point in the pool and add three additional hose sections for an adequate hose length.

    • 2). Turn off the filter pump.

    • 3). Push the automatic pool vacuum's hose into the suction line located in the skimmer. Specific directions will vary with each vacuum model. Some models have adapters you have to place in the suction line before attaching the hose.

    • 4). Set the pool vacuum in the pool and allow it to sink to the pool bottom.

    • 5). Feed the hose into the pool as the cleaner floats to the bottom.

    • 6). Turn on the pump. The vacuum will automatically clean over the entire bottom of the pool.

    • 7). Remove the pool vacuum from the pool after it the pool appears free of dirt, sand or other sediment. Unhook all the hoses from the vacuum and the skimmer. Allow all the pieces to dry before storing.

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