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Niche Marketing - Identify Your Target Customer

Identifying your target customer starts with brainstorming your ideas and identifying a Niche Product(s).  These Niche Products should come from your passions and are narrowed down into unique specific offering that may not be widely carried in the current marketplace.

By focusing in on a potential customer that would have the unique needs, wants and desires that this product would resolve, you can begin to identify your "target customer group". What type of consumer needs this type of product?  Will they be - men, women, children, teens, seniors, executives, working moms, people with medial needs etc. etc.

Understanding your target group can help you further narrow your Niche product to match closely with their specific demand.

You should utilize all resources online to find out as much as possible about your ideas and areas of passion.  Are these areas being serviced online?  Check out all possible combinations of words when doing a search on Google.  Check out the results and open those sites.  What are they selling – what services do they provide.

This will help you understand if any of your defined areas of interest are currently serviced.  If they are, you must continue to narrow down further to a more specific focus.  Once you find a product area that is not well serviced by the market; and you have a target group in mind, now you can build your business towards servicing this group.

To bring all this together requires thought, lots of thought.  It requires that you write all your ideas down, work and re-work through all the possibilities.  Understand what you can uniquely bring to the marketplace and more importantly what you can uniquely bring to a specific target group.

Knowing your target group is just one more step in building a successful ebusiness plan.

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