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S.D.L Trousers

Since S.D.L trousers were first available, over a decade ago, they have been drawing in more fans, which include people who love the alternative styling. This brand is famed for their inventive and original designs that help to cater to the needs of today's thriving Steampunk industry. Their S.D.L trousers feature accessories and extras that give them their alternative edge. Some of these eye catching features include:
  • Chains
  • Zips
  • Belts
  • Buckles
  • Straps
  • Rubber Tubes
  • Rubber Spikes

Designed for all occasions, these S.D.L trousers ensure that people can express their individual style no matter what the occasion is. With a diverse collection on offer, every alternative individual is certain to find designs that matches their definitive styling. Created to shock the fashion scene, these trousers were created through the combination of past and present alternative stylings, creating designs that appela to all cultures. With a lot of experience behind them, this brand has ensured that their S.D.L trousers interest a collection of different scenes, some of which include:
  • Goth
  • Punk
  • Rock
  • Cyber

Over the years, S.D.L have earned a brilliant reputation for themselves due to their effort they put into creating each and every design. Their main aim is to provide the alternative individual with an eccentric style that helps them to stand out in today's fashion industry. This brand has successfully dominated the alternative trousers industry with their extensive range of designs that appeal to a number of different personalities. Providing the gothic individual with a diverse collection of baggy and skinny trousers as well as a range of other designs that are suitable for every occasion. With additional and detachable features all over them, their bottoms make preparation for every event much simpler. Throughout their career as a sub brand of raven, this brand has been creating new S.D.L apparel to ensure customers have a wide range to choose from. They are still developing ideas today, so make sure you keep an eye out for any new items in their collections.

The idea behind the designs of their S.D.L trousers is to completely alter the way that we look at fashion, giving people the freedom to experiment with new outfits. During the last decade, they have produced a number of different styles and designs; always aiming to put their eccentric designs at the forefront of today's gothic clothing industry. Now becoming one of the highest ranking alternative brands in the world, this brand come a long way since it's founding, even today they are still attracting many new fans. Known as a Steampunk brand, they have never failed to bring their own twist to today's gothic styling. Creating darkly inspired S.D.L trousers for individuals, this brand will carry on shocking us with their designs for many years to come.

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